Incorporated in Malaysia as a Private Limited Company under the name Halex Sdn Bhd, it subsequently adopted its present name of Halex (M) Sdn Bhd since 4th January 1980.

Operations were first commenced in 1980 as a trading company involving in the distribution of Agrochemicals. Over the years, Halex (M) has successfully developed an extensive distribution network.



In 1999, we began expanding our horizons by propelling our business into foreign markets. An Export Department managed by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel was also established. Since then, Halex (M)’s range of products had been expanded and made available to overseas customers, owning a large technical database of more than 30 pesticide active ingredients that can be used to support product registration overseas.

Progress does not halt there. We are actively expanding our database to support existing customers with newer active ingredients. Halex (M) is also working closely with parties from other countries with mutual benefits.